Wolfgang Amadé in Serbia

With standing ovations 700 visitors celebrated moved and enthusiastic Wolfgang Amadé, performed by the Europaballett St. Pölten, on 08 November 2019 in the National Theatre of Novi Sad. With a ballet about the life of Wolfgang Amadé, freely interpreted by Renato Zanella, the director of Chore Center Europe. Based on a true story, to the music of Mozart and Salieri.  

The Europaballett makes it its business to network European cities with dance. In 2021 Novi Sad is European Capital of Culture and is planning further co-productions with St. Pölten this year.

Michael Fichtenbaum, artistic director of the European Ballet: "The appreciation of the ballet genre in Novi Sad is impressive. I am immensely pleased to see how important ballet is in other cities as well. The National Theatre of Novi Sad is planning a new ballet school with an attached theatre and is thus setting an example for the genre of ballet!"

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